What does a WiFI Range Extender do and is it worth it?

Hello people of the forum,
I have recently moved into a 2-story house, and I am setup upstairs. I am having several problems such as slow torrent downloads for movies, music, TV shows, etc., Lagging in game lobbies on Black ops 2(Actually all games). This has not been a problem since I've moved into our new house. Our Router/Modem is downstairs in the kitchen whereas my bedroom is upstairs and on the opposite side of the kitchen. So I did some searching and came across this website. And I have found these things called range extenders. I am wondering if it is worth the price you pay, and does it actually work? Like at my old house I was averaging 1mb/s(I have no idea what it is called, for I am computer retarded)- 3.5 mb/s. Now, If I plugged one of these extenders into my wall or wherever you put it, will it solve the problem. I average 20kb/s to 600kb/s depending on how the connection is between my Netgear N300. And will there be an available port to plug an ethernet cable into on this? I am, as I said earlier, computer retarded. Thanks for your help:)
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  1. Hi, Range extenders would definitly help and I highly recommend the Amped Wireless SR20000G:
    Providing review so you can see what I think of it:

    The coverage is AWESOME!!! We had no problems with xbox live ether!
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