xp hangs after showing the screen press F2 to enter BIOS settings

i am having a windows XP OS on Intel dual core processor,512 MB RAM. when I try to boot the system it enters the very first screen where intel logo and a message "press f2 to enter bios setup" and hangs thereafter, after pressing F2 also it shows the same screen,no keys work and processor activity LED also remains constant. I suspected on CMOS battery, once i removed CMOS battery and re inserted, it booted up. and again same problem in another boot.. what is the solution?
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  1. Try replacing CMOS battery with new one and let us know.
  2. Replace the CMOS battery, press and hold down the power button for atleast 30 seconds, then remove all peripherals(hard drive,DVD Rom,ram) and then put in a new battery and switch on, continue inserting peripherals one at a time to troubleshoot if it is any of the peripherals causing the system to hang.
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