My Computer wont Recognize the External HDD


Like the tittle says i got a problem with a brand new HDD , it is a Barracuda ST2000DM001 im building my pc but im starting buying some parts before others. So anyways yesterday i got this HDD , obviously i tried it right away ; the first thing i did what to get out my old 500gb IDE HDD out of the External Enclosure and connect it via SATA and well this thing looks like it turn on but the computer wont recognize anything at all

I went to check the disk management hoping to see it there as unallocated Space but there was nothing.

I though i might give it a try and used and old pc with sata 1 and i installed the Drive there and it showed up and there was not problem at all , i even installed W8 and did some tests on it but when i try to use the Enclosure theres no way to make it work

Im sure its not a problem of the HDD if not i wouldnt have been able to use it in the old PC

But im wondering why if my 500GB HDD work well in the enclosure and the new one dont?
I even tried using other sata cabes but noo, i was thinking it might be that the connector of the sata is damaged on the Enclosure and the IDE no?

Aww anyways sorry for the wall of text
I just hope someone out there could give me a hand on this , i would really appreciate any help.


EDIT: Sorry i believe i posted in the wrong section of the forum :s
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  1. What is the make and model of the external enclosure? What cable are you using to connect to the computer?
  2. Ehm this is the exact model of enclosure im using

    and the cable is the one that comes with the enclosure
  3. Have you tried it in different USB ports, still nothing? You don't have any other storage devices in the USB port next to it do you?
  4. Yea i have tried all the port of my lap but nothing...and nop, i dont have any other storage devices connected is just that one and i make sure to unplug all the others like my mouse and Flash memory.

    So i just dont know what it could be , like i said i put my HDD in the old PC and i could install W8, and when i was using w8 i went to disk managment and i formatted the unallocated space of the disk. I though thats was the problem , that i needed to format my drive so windows could read the disk but nooo , once i took back the HDD to the case to try again it continues to dont recognize it.
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    Having tried those options, I think I would come to the conclusion that you have, that something isn't right with the SATA connections in the external enclosure. On the plus side, you do know that the HDD works so I would think there wouldn't be any issue using it as an internal HDD in your build
  6. Yea i will be using that HDD when im done building the PC . too bad i wanted to create the OS partition right now and save my data but i guess i will have to wait .
    Or maybe im gonan buy another enclosure...
    Anyways thanks for ur time and ur help :)
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