Should my fan run that fast?

Is you can see for the pic my fan's top speed is 135000RPM

that cant be right can it ?
the fan in question is the cooler master sickleflow 120 blue
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  1. It is probably running at 1350 RPM with 2 decimal points (00). Fans never run that fast.
  2. Yeah, that's either got a decimal or is a simple fluke / broken sensor.

    If it were running that fast, without disintegrating, your computer would be lifting off right about now.
  3. A 120mm fan at 135,000 RPM would have a tip velocity of ~850 m/s. A bit over mach 2.

    The screenshot shows that your fan is currently (as of when it was taken) spinning at 1776RPM, which is a bit above average, but believable. Could be that it recorded a stuffed up max result. Try clearing min/max.
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