GTX 670 still probs with gaming

i have a gtx670, i5 3570K and 8GB of ram... Monitor is a sa950..... I should be getting good results in gaming but thin lines still seem a little bit pixelish and i cant ever have in game settings set to highest detail, or i just get bad results like slow graphics, sometimes chunky pixelish graphics and flashing colours... Could someone help, what is the next step i need to take so i can get this thing workin properly.
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  1. i also have a gtx670, i5-2500k, 16GB ram, with decent monitors. I get great gaming quality. i have yet to find a game that cant be played on highest graphics! the lowest FPS i ever reached was 39, but I average around 60-80FPS... so it I want to say it is just your particular card... do you still have a warranty? try getting a replacement.
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