Need help identifying north / south bridge

Can somebody help me identify the north and south bridge on a Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2:

Thank you. I believe the south bridge is the one with the Gigabyte printing on it however I am not sure were the north bridge is...
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    What were once north bridge functions are performed, for the most part now, by the processor in this 1156 and most newer architectures. What used to be CPU/Northbridge/Southbridge is now just a CPU (with integrated northbridge functionality like memory controller) and a south bridge with no north bridge.

    This is why you're not finding a north bridge on your 1156 motherboard.
  2. Thank you, I did not know that. OT: Nice rig
  3. samiryounan said:
    Thank you, I did not know that. OT: Nice rig

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