pentium 4 3ghz ht vs athlon 3700+ (second pc)

i have to pc towers that i have been given and i want to use one purley for web browsing and listning to music on heres the spec

pentium 4 ht 3ghz not sure witch socket but it has agp slot
2gb ram
200gb sata hard drive
2 x dvd rewriters
windows xp ( i havent used this tower yet )
im not too sure of the motherboard on this one as aint had the case of it yet

or athlon 3700+ 2.2ghz socket 939
2gb ram
200gb hard drive
256mb x1600 pci express video card
1dvd rewriter

either one will be used along side a 19inch screen and i have a licenced windows 7 disk i bought for my newer pc setup

now i know there both old and no good for demanding tasks but witch would run the best for web browsing , music ,.watching movies . im sure i dont want to put any money in to any off them except maybe buy cheap small second hand case so i can hide them out of view as they going in bedroom ., please dont tell me to buy better as i have a core2quad as my main rig witch runs fastest enough for me ...usuaully i will be testing them both out later on but thought best to come here for advise .. ,
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    You can get the Pentium for your web browsing and music.However I recommend a Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB for your storage.200GB is simply,not enough!Stuff a couple of HD movies,songs,some data,bla bla bla maxed out.So yeah,that's my 2 cents.And you can just sell the other PC for whatever offer the 2nd hand PC shop gives you and get some spare cash.
  2. 3700 would be a faster processor. pentium might be a socket478.
  3. well i am probs going to use both the hard drives in one machine as there both sata and 400 gb is more then enuff for me ive just set the 3700 and am shocked at how well it performs on windows 7 ... yes the pentium is 478 ... will use the 3700 as i doubt the pentium can match this perfomance
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