need to know what to upgrade to?

I'm a noob, :) Just got a computer from a guy off craigslist, paid $100 bucks. I want to upgrade the memory. my ?'s, what kind of memory do i need and how much can upgrade to with this system? I download CPU-Z to get the pecs.

Windows 7 64 bit professional
CPU- amd athlon 64 x2 5200+
MB- NVIDIA® GeForce 6100
MR- (2x) ddr2 512mb PC@-4300 (244MHz)
GR- geforce 9500 gt (size 1024 MB)bus Width 128 bits
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    DDR2. You need to look up the motherbaord's specs to get the max supported ram.

    Motherboard manufacturers often have "supported ram" too.
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