Is My I7 3820 CPU Voltage Too High?


I can overclock my I7 3820 to 3.625 GHZ with a 1.41 vcore voltage 125 blck and 46 ratio with a Corsair H100I water cooler and a Sabertooth X79 motherboard. In HWMonitor my cpu temps never get above 65C while running Prime95. My LLC settings are at Medium, my Current Capabilities and Power Phase etc.are at Optimized and 120%, my VCCSA and VTTCPU voltages are at 1.100. My C1 states and Speed Stepping is disabled. I'm thinking that voltage may be a bit too high for every day use. My other option is I can run at 4.3 GHZ at 1.36 cpu voltage with Regular Current Capabilities 110% and Regular stable in Prime95. My temps never get above 60C while stress testing. My VCCSA and VTTCPU are at 1.000. One question though, in the first overclock I'm afraid my vcore temps might be too high but can't figure out in HWMonitor what is the vcore. Will RealTemp show my vcore temperature if I use that program? Any suggestions and is 1.41 cpu voltage with water cooling too high?
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  1. theres something wrong with your maths

    125 bclk and 46 multiplier is about 5750mhz not 3625mhz

    and yes 1.41v is probably too high--but as your maths doesnt add up not sure what speed you are at with that voltage

    yes use realtemp to check the cpu temps
  2. I think I meant my turbo ratio is at 37, I'm at work, not at my desktop at home, but what it is for a 125 blck and just over 4.6 GHZ.
    Also I can use a CPU voltage with the 4.6 GHZ overclock at 1.38 cpu voltage if I turn hyperthreading off but I don't want to do this as the game I'm playing right now (Crysis 3) utilizes hyperthreading.
  3. that sounds more like it--4.6ghz

    still think 1.41v may be a little high but dont have the same cpu

    not sure how it compares to sandybridge but 1.41v will give me 5ghz on my 2600k

    though 60c under stress testing is really really good if thats accurate
  4. The max voltage for this chip recommended by Intel is 1.4 and I've heard some say don't go above 1.41. The temps get no higher then 65C with the 4.6 GHZ overclock but I need to check my vcore temps properly, with the higher LLC and Current Capabilities etc. I fear the temps may be too high. You know the best way to see vcore (not cpu) temps while stress testing, Asus Probe shows them but that program is notorious for showing the temps much less then what they really are. When I had air cooling was saying my cpu temps were 55C, when I ran HWMonitor was closer to 80C. :/
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