Dell Xps m1530 Switch GPU with Hp ?

Hello. I bought a Dell xps m1530 computer back in august 2008, and my gpu failed recently. I read some articles and i figured out that i need to use my hairdryer to heat up the gpu in order to make it work. I have an old hp laptop, which i dont use. Can i use the gpu from this one in my dell xps m1530?
Im not very good at computers, but it says: Intel: 1.86/1M/533 on it.
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  1. No, you can't. 99% of laptops do not have swappable GPU's.

    Also, that hair dryer trick is only a temporary fix. I think that this was a manufacturing defect with the XPS M1530's. It's a really common problem with that model.
  2. ^^ as with the HP DV series, they all had that problem too. You might get an extra bit of time out of it, maybe, if you don't fry it. Not worth it. I have a $2000 reflow machine and I don't usually even do laptops anymore that have bad GPU's because they fail soon after. You can use a reflow machine to remove the GPU and attach a new one, but the problem was with chips themselves from Nvidia, so odd's are the new one would fail eventually too.
  3. Alright. Thanks anyways :(
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