My cpu usage is high!

When i start up my computer, and open task manager the cpu idles at around 25-60% all the time.. i have maximized performance with tune up helper, i have scanned with avg, and i have cancelled all programs on startup.. i need help!!
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  1. when i open resource monitor it sais that the one that is using the cpu is something called System Interrupts - what is this ? :o
  2. Amazingly... First search in google for "System Interrupts" brings up a Microsoft forum/answer. I didn't take the time to read through it, Nor will I link it.

    Do your homework :) I have faith in you.
  3. well obviously i tried what i could from this topic, and hence i wrote this topic.
  4. Just open an Task manager and look on processes. Usually it is problem with settings of antivirus scanner, disk repairing process or malware on your PC.

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  5. After some time i have come to this conclusion:

    The problem is i get "System Interruptions" after being in a game for a while and it starts lagging like crazy. The process was still there every time i restarted, so i started removing processes in my MSCONFIG. After i tried removing 1 by 1 i found out that it was my drivers processes that was the problem. I downloaded the newest driver from Nvidia's homepage which scanned my pc and told me which driver i should download.

    Does anyone know what my next step could be ?
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