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I have purchased 2 x Samsung 840 pro 256gb ssd, which I would like in a RAID 0 with a fresh install of windows 7 64bit, the motherboard I have is a Asus Extreme IV, I have downloaded Asus latest SATA drivers for their R600 chipset for RAID configuration. I have read on websites that as a standalone ssd they support trim, but do they support trim in RAID 0.

Please could you unligthen me on it.

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    It depends is your raid Intel? If it is they did start trim support in raid 0 depending on the driver you have.

    but as a rule up until this point it was not supported.

  2. Yes it is the Intel x79 6gb/s
  3. When you say 6 - 7 series would that be the R600 chipset for my motherboard
  4. Under the downloads section for my motherboard

    I basically have downloaded the top driver under the sata section for win 7 64 bit, should this driver be ok
  5. I think you can get the RST driver from the link in my post, because the intel website is most update one you can get. I try to get the one from your link but it is from ASUS and I don't know what version is it.
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