Overclock FX-6300 with stock cooler

Hi, I need help overclocking FX-6300 using stock cooler. Im looking at 4Ghz mark since 70mm stock cooler is pure loud crap, but unfortunately i cant replace it before July (looking at Hyper evo 212). I never overclocked any CPU so im scared to do it on my own. Is raising only multiplier to 20 enough ? also what monitoring software are you recommending ?

Rest of my specs are:
MSI 970a-g46
MSI GTS 450 - replacing it with 7870(maybe 7950) on summer
8gb 1866Mhz Patriot Viper 3 Black mamba DDR3 ram
Hitachi 500gb HDD - adding Kingston HyperX 3k SSD on summer
LC Power 600W - replacing it with 630w 80smart+ Thermaltake also on summer
Case is Thermaltake Versa II with 1x120mm rear exhaust fan(received with case) and 1x120mm Cooler Master SickleFlow side intake(blows on CPU).

thanks in advance
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  1. You can turn on the Turbo which should up it to 4.1GHz, but I'd hold off any serious overclocking until you get a better aftermarket cooler.
  2. You do not overclock on stock cooler only morons do that.
  3. Yeah get a better cooler before you oc.
  4. I saw bunch of articles and videos where people overclocked little bit with stock cooler. a friend also told me that it is kinda safe since im not going for big overclock .

    Last night i overclocked it to 4GHz by raising multiplier to 20 and turning off turbo. I run prime95 for 1h 6m and with no errors temp was constant at 62C (59C if i manually set fan to 100%). I also ran AMD Overdrive for 1 hour and temp was 56C. Tried for 10+ minutes 4 games (Bioshock Infinite, Skyrim, Tomb Raider and Startcraft II Heart of the Swarm) and temp was about 45C. As war as i can see those are not too high temps. In idle temp is really low since CPU speed drops to 1.4GHz
  5. I know this is old but the reality is you can run with stock cooling i run mine at 3.9 and then turbo kicks is to 4 to 4.1GHz
    So yes you can do it i play diablo and its hieet temp was 43c
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