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Hello, I try to connect to a free public wireless network. I have a router capable of acting as an access point (AP). I try the following procedure and stll I cannot connect to the network and have internet access.

1) I disable the ssid broadcast
2) I enable WDS and I click on the network I want to connect to.
3) I set the wireless mode the same as the network I want to reach (802.11g)
the channel is auto
3) I disable the DHCP server. I lose the connection with my router as AP.
4) I restart PC and router but still I ping and I get bad address.
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  1. If it runs WDS it likely will work but you must use it as a BRIDGE not a AP. Some routers you must tell it to run as a bridge/client mode. Depending on the device it will also run as a wireless repeater.
  2. There's virtually NO CHANCE of this working over WDS.

    First, WDS is NOT a wifi standard, so implementations vary, and therefore incompatibilities are VERY common. So common, it's usually not worth the effort unless you have the exact same make/model of hardware or firmware (e.g., dd-wrt/tomato). Second, most WDS implementations require each side to specify the other's MAC address within its own configuration. Obviously some open arbitrary wifi router is not going to be configured with your MAC address! Third, WDS often has other limitations (e.g., some won't support WPA/WPA2, only WEP). Finally, you never want to be connected to open wifi as a "bridged" client if you can avoid it. You want to be ROUTED, what's sometimes called "client mode" or WISP router, as opposed to client bridge.

    That’s a long way of saying that using WDS in conjunction w/ another network you don’t even control is going down the wrong path.
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