my motherboard power button wont work (powerSW)

so its my first time i try to build my own PC i bought every parts i did everything corectly and it didnt work
finally i realized it won't start with power button
so i conected "24 pin ATX connector to my mobo and shorted Green (PS_ON) and Black (GND) and it worked
so i must short Green and Black pin at the ATX connector to start up my motherboard
whats the problem with power button "powerSW"?
my motherboard is "Asus SabertoothZ77" and psu "Corsair 750W TX Series"
and by the way i can make the powerSW cable go directly there to make it work but i dont like to do this
Does any one know any methods of solving this problem? mobo is not out of warranty i'm at north of iraq kurdistan and i bought it on AMAZON and shipped in one month and 10 days :XD thers no way to give it back i can not wait

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice please
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  1. Yes, shorting the POWER SW will start up the computer.

    You should be connecting the case's power button cables to the motherboard's POWER SW.

    If this does not work, there must be something wrong with the cable.

    Hope this helps.
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