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Hello i recently built my first budget pc and did a lot of research to ensure I was getting a minimal return for my investment. The build specs are:

biostar a55
wd 200gb hd
4gb gskill 1600 ripjaws
hp 350w psu from my previous pc
apevia x-dreamer case
windows 8 pro w/ media center

I seem to be having the same issue and this thread where the cpu performance is fine but the graphics is pathetic.
Windows Perfomance index
Processor 7.3
Memory(RAM) 7.3
Graphics 4.3
Gamiing Graphics 6.3
Primary HD 5.4

Graphics Score 789
Physics Score 2967
Combined 656

The problem in the previous thread(link is below) indicated the gpu was defective but i downloaded gpu-z and bus width is 128bit, bandwidth is 25.6 gb/s, memory size is 512mb and gpu clock is 800 mhz specs seem ok. I have no idea why I am getting such poor performance i have been watching youtube videos all day of people with just a a10 processor playing crysis 3 and battlefield 3 and low to med setting at 720p resolution at 30+ fps. I tried both games 720p resolution and low setting vsync and anti off, I cannot get over 15 fps. I called amd and they are no help and just state that its a low end graphics card and should be that low. But according to everything i have researched and reviews in online magazines its the complete opposite. Please help!

also the only bottleneck I can see is the motherboard? But any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Go into your bios and increase the amount of RAM dedicated to the GPU to at least 1024mb.
  2. Yeah the only thing that jumps out at me is that for an APU system like that I'd always go a bit higher+faster on ram than I would on a standard system as you have to abuse it so much more. Given ram is cheap and the price difference between 1866 and 1600 isn't big, I'd probably have suggested going 8Gb 1866 to start with, it can make a big performance boost on an APU.
  3. How many sticks of memory have you got installed?

  4. DarkSable said:
    Go into your bios and increase the amount of RAM dedicated to the GPU to at least 1024mb.

    I for the life of myself could not find the option to change dedicated ram...
  5. marshallbradley said:
    How many sticks of memory have you got installed?


    I only have one stick for now
  6. Best answer
    Get another stick (it needs to be exactly the same for dual channel, or you can buy a kit). If you read to the conclusion of the thread you linked, you can see everyone says that dual channel memory (i.e. having 2 identical sticks) solves the slowness.

    All the best,

  7. Ill definately try that i can steal two sticks from my other store bought pc. Thanks.
  8. Thanks so much that was the solution....i guess i missed that in the previous thread.
  9. Glad to hear it all worked out :)

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