A good case for my build

So I'm waiting for the new Intel CPUs to build a new computer.

Apart from the CPU and motherboard, i would go as follow :
- PSU : Corsair CX600M
- GPU : Gigabyte 7870 (with update to Crossfire in a year or two)
I plan to get an equivalent to the i5-3470 or 3450k, but do not plan to overclock at all.

Problem is : I have no idea what case to go for. I plan to keep the case for a long time (future upgrades and builds), so I don't mind putting up to 100/120$ on the case. For the moment I was thinking about Corsair Carbide 500r, but was wondering if it's overkill.

I would like suggestions and feel free to comment on the hardware i plan to get.

Note : I live in Canada and sorry for my mediocre English.
Thank you,
Francois B.
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  1. Cases very much come down to personal opinion, and how you want it to look. After that it pretty much comes down to, do you want a bunch of fans, or do you want a quite case? As for me, I don't care, I buy whats cheap, but, if you do want to spend good money on a case the two I really like are, the Antec p280, Rosewill Thor V2, the Corsair Obsidian, and the Carbide that you mentioned. People really like the Cooler Master HAF X too.
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