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Im going to buy the computer components from china. But since im australian im not sure if it will work. Some people siad that all you need is the Operating System to be english. Im not 100% sure, could you tell me the answer
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  1. The components will be the same no matter what country you buy it from, the power supply may be slightly different. But everything else should be the same in all countries, but you do have to remember its best you buy the operating system in your country instead of from china.
  2. 1. I recommend buying from a credible trusted seller since some maybe fakes; most things are made in China anyways.
    2. When installing Windows OS, you select your language to be installed in.
  3. Most computer hardware I have used or seen says "Made in China"... so no matter what country you buy it from. Windows doesn't care where the hardware was made, unless it doesn't have the right drivers for it... but seems that Windows 7 - 8 are very complete in that aspect and so was XP, so you shouldn't face important or unsolvable problems... if any.
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