CPU Bottlenecking Graphics card?

I have a Gigabyte HD 7950 that I have overclocked to it's maximum (1575/1100).
The heat is relatively low (~70c) and I can run Furmark without it crashing.
My CPU is AMD Phenom 1100T 6 core OC @ 3.8ghz. This is also stable with low temps.
When I play BF3 and some other games, I have no problems. No artifacts, crashes, etc. But when I play Crysis and Crysis 3 it almost immediately freezes up and I have to force close it. I get the message "The graphics driver has crashed and has recovered".
BTW, I use MSI Afterburner v2.3.1 to overclock my graphics card and AMD Overdrive to overclock CPU.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. another thing to try is put the card back to stock settings an see how it is then.I also run my 1100T with a corsair H100 and only had to bump up the multiplyer(IN The Bios) to 20,runs fine there.
  2. Hi :)

    Your 1100T is NOT bottlenecking anything

    I run an 1100t ON MY BIG GAMING MACHINES ...with a 7990 6gb (twice your card)

    Its one of your overclocks screwing you up...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. BigMack70 said:
    #1) Overclock your CPU from the BIOS or not at all.
    #2) The symptom you are describing sounds like a bad graphics overclock. Increase your GPU core voltage or decrease core speed. It is quite common to get an OC on the GPU that is stable in some games and unstable in others. Furmark is a horrible test of GPU OC stability as it does not present a realistic load to the card.

    I cranked up the core clock to 1.25v and so far so good! This is the first graphics card I've really worked hard to overclock (using voltage) so thnx for the help. Also what do you recommend I use to stress graphics card/
  4. So... decrease the variables- start stock for both & try OCing one at a time - test for stability.
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