How do i update bios (Motherboard newbie)

I tried updating my bios today and downloaded the tool from HP's website. It then gave me 3 options. To make a floppy or disc iso, or to make a bootable usb iso and the one that i clicked on; Flash BIOS now.. I think i made a mistake, because now i can't get into windows. I tried to re-set bios by moving the jumper around and that didn't work either. I get past the bios screen and it says.. wait. What the hell? I just restarted the system and im in windows now. Any idea on what i should do next? how do i update it to the latest version?
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  1. Hi :)

    You realise that flashing a Bios is always a BIG risk and if you get it wrong it can be NEW motherboard time ???

    Take it to a Pro to get it diagnosed...Computer repair shop...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Always Create a backup first of the present bios file, when Bios update.

    Instead me trying to tell you in shortcut I give you a proper guide which should help you more:

    Involves some long reading:

    Video tutorial:

    Thanks :)
  3. At the screen that said "Wait...." how long have you waited? If the answer is anything other than "More than an hour" I suggest you wait...

    The HP bios flash software is pretty rugged, but you should always read the instructions first, specifically the part where they tell you "DO NOT TURN OFF THE COMPUTER NO MATTER WHAT"

    Unless you need to update your BIOS for some reason, I wouldn't worry about it.
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