Best case for switching parts out of stock PC?

This is my current PC. It has a Geforce 650Ti in it with the GS700 Corsair psu(pain in the you know what to put in this tiny case!).

I'd liked to be able to put any graphics card in it that is out. I couldn't get the 7850 since this case was too small.

I am going to be using Amazon, because I have a gift card there and I have Prime. My budget is $50-60. I'm looking at this case, since my current case supports 3.0 USB slots.

Thanks in advance.
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    Best case for your budget range is Corsair 200R for $60. Large easy to work in with excellent wire management at that price point.
  2. From the spec sheet it has a 300W PSU so i'd look to a PSU upgrade 1st
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