Old Hard Drive Re-Use?

I wanna know if I can reuse my old hard drive, people say it won't work if i have my OS on there, I'm OK with starting fresh with no OS on my hard drive.

So my question is: If I used DBAN to completely wipe my hard drive (making it still usable of course) of all of my data including the pre-installed software, would I be able to reuse it in a custom built PC?

The hard drive is coming from a Pre-built HP Pavilion Desktop, the brand is Hitachi if that matters.
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    DBAN might be overkill, when you install the operating system you'll have an option to format the disk (but yes if you use dban it will also work).
  2. The issue with older drives is lifespan... (among others)

    That said...

    You can use it and just tell windows to delete the existing partitions and install from there...
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