Xp sp3 download.

I've downloaded xp sp3 from the Internet & put it on disk. But it's not taking up any space in Add/Remove Programs & all updates are coming in above the service pack installation.
This leads me to believe that xp sp3's not installed properly & trust me I've done everything to the book, according to Microsoft, that is.
I also believe that there's an xp sp4 now?
Took my pc to tech yesterday, who charged me $100 to do nothing!!
Can anyone help me please?
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  1. Quickest way to confirm if the system does have SP3:

    1) Right Click on My Computer
    2) Left click on Properties.

    The General Properties will tell you what service pack is installed. If it doesn't, just follow the steps on this link:
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    You downloaded this:

    316.4 MB and ran it...

    If so, go to Start and then right click on "My Computer", select Properties

    What does it say about the version of the OS? Windows XP xxx Service Pack ?
  3. Did all that & it says xp sp3 running on my pc. But I don't believe it is.
    Why would it take no space in Add/Remove Programs, when xp1 & xp2 did & all the updates come in above the installation, when they come in at all? Doesn't make sense.
    I've emailed Microsoft with the latest update I received to ask them whether it's an xp2 or xp3. Thanks for your time.
  4. In the add remove... look for the checkbox "show updates" check it and wait........ and wait..... and then look for it.

    However, if it says XP SP3 in the computer properties... it is loaded.
  5. ... oh yeah... I actually charge more than the tech does, but I make house calls SF area only... :-)
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