Can someone tell me my bests options with my two SSD's that I own?

Hi, I own two SATA 3 SSD's, an older Agility 3 (90gb) and a newly bought Plextor M5S (128gb). Now he's my problem: I wish to know what computers to use the SSD's with. I originally bought the M5S for my parents, but their mobo only has SATA 2. Mine has SATA 3, so it would take full advantage of both SSD's. With this in mind, I had the thought to just give them the Agility 3 (and sacrifice some gigabytes that they do not need).

Basically, I'm just looking for confirmation that the M5S will run no better on a SATA 2 mobo than the Agility 3. The only difference would be the amount of storage. Is this true?
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  1. Yes the sata2 is the bottleneck.
  2. Goodeggray said:
    Yes the sata2 is the bottleneck.

    Thanks, yes I know it will bottleneck both SSD's, but I want to know if the Plextor will still perform better than the agility 3 on SATA 2.
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    No, real world you will not notice the difference.
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