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So my 500 gb WD caviar blue died on me yesterday so i went today and bought a HyperX 3k 120gb SSD and a Hibachi 2tb HDD for storage. After installing Windows and a couple games on my SSD everything seemed to be working fine. I started to install games onto my 2tb storage drive and i noticed, no matter how much stuff i put on it..It still keeps saying that 1.81tb of 1.81tb is free space when i click on "My computer". Why is this. I guess it isnt THAT big of a deal...but i like to know how much space is actually available. When i right click on the HDD and click properties, It tells me how much space ive used..but it still says that 1.81tb is available. How can i fix this?
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  1. Nope... that is the formatted space... My 2TB says 1.81TB as well
  2. So no matter how much i put on there, its always gonna say 1.81 tb? lol
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    it'll say something like 800 GB free of 1.81 TB. The last part wont change.
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