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So this is what I want http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Po5x (I need a psu also, all I have is a 300 watt psu.)
I really only have $200 to spend on a gaming computer.
Keep in mind I have storage, case, and the gpu in the list I have it already.
All I am really trying to do is build a computer to play Planet Side 2.
My monitor resolution max is 1360 x 768 full screen.
Please any help is needed :D thanks!
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  1. Unfortunately, that build won't even come close to being able to run Planetside 2.

    Let me explain why.

    I play Planetside 2 daily and so do many of my friends. We have tested it with multiple rigs so I'll give you a brief rundown on what you need to know.

    First, Planetside 2 is by far the most CPU intensive game I've ever encountered. There can literally be hundreds of people crammed into a small area with explosions going off everywhere.

    Planetside does not like AMD CPUs. We overclocked my friend's Phenom II x4 to 4GHz and still had framerate dips into the low 30's pretty regularly. Sometimes in the upper 20's for massive battles. He decided to upgrade to an FX-8350 which we overclocked to 4.5 and the frames still drop into the 30's and average in the mid 40's. This was all done with an overclocked 7870xt so no graphics bottleneck. In short, no current AMD CPU is even close to getting you to good frames.

    The Core i7 3630qm at 3.2 GHz in my laptop still only averages around 45 fps with drops into the mid to low 30's during big battles so that's about what you would get out of some of the lower clocked and multiplier locked i5's.

    Only my 2500k at 4.6 GHz and my other friend's 3770k at 4.4 GHz offer averages near 60 fps with drops into the low 50's.

    My point is anything other than an overclocked i5 or i7 is going to give you mediocre performance at best.

    The very minimum processor I would recommend to play it would be a Core i5 3350p.

    The minimum graphics card would be a 7770.

    You are looking at spending at least $500 to get a rig that can play it smoothly, even at low resolutions as it is the CPU and not the GPU that has the most demand placed upon it.
  2. Your best bet is an A10-5800K APU. Skip the 4670, it's old and weak now.
  3. If you can spend an extra 20 dollars this is ALOT better then your current set up
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0bC2_q6sCM

    This is an interesting video showing gameplay on the A10 with FPS in the 30's range.

    The thing about this game is it can be perfectly smooth with 60FPS even on low end hardware then as soon as there is a large battle the CPU just gets crushed. My guess is that there would be frame drops into the 20's which could be tolerable if this is the only option. Definitely better than what was originally listed by the OP.
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