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I just bought a brand new computer, here

It has a few audio problems however. One of them being that i can hear electronic noises through the headphones when nothing is playing. But the issue im more concerned about is that when im playing games or listening to music, every so often there will be a half second loud buzz that cuts out all the audio. I believe this to be a DPC latency issue, and have checked out my system with a program, and found it to be indeed quite bad. However, I cannot seem to isolate the problem. Disabling realtek audio seemed to help slightly but I still have large spikes, any ideas? I've also tried disabling the wireless card without any luck, in fact it spiked like crazy when i tried.
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  1. Could be a cheap power adapter so try it unplugged from the wall and see if that changes anything. Also is any monitoring software running on this system? Many system monitoring software has been know to kill DPC times...
  2. I'll try the power adapter tomorrow morning, but what do you mean by system monitor?
  3. System monitoring software, Like a program that comes with the motherboard that shows you the temps and fans speeds and may allow overclocking that runs typically in the background in the system tray area. This type of program can increase DPC because it is constantly checking the temps and fan speeds adding latency to windows.
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