Need help with installing windows 7 - no new devices can be found

I have a issue when i put in my mb cd for the drivers it wont work
says no new devices can be found.
anyone have idea what i should do? this is the first installation on SSD

i have
Asrock 880gm-le-fx motherboard
windows 7 professional 64 bit cd
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  1. the windows 7 setup is not detecting your ssd as one of the drives for installation?
  2. i am stuck where it says select the driver to be installed and pops a windows load driver- a required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing.
  3. sounds like windows 7 is installed already. put the mobo driver cd in your cd/dvd drive, open my computer and run the auto-play for the disc or browse the discs files and see what kinda files are on it. most likely it's executable files which you just double click them to install. most of the time the mobo oem provides some sort of auto-run utility that categorizes each drive and lets click a link that installed the corresponding driver.
  4. make sure your dvd and hdd are connected to your native SATA ports (southbridge) and NOT a 3rd party controller

    also make sure to have them in AHCI mode not RAID or IDE
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