Palit GTX 670 JetStream vs Gigabyte HD 7970 OC WindForce

Hi to everyone. The next week I'll receive a refund for a 6950 (bought in October 2011 in an online shop) and I can use this money only in that shop, so I'll have to choose a new VGA. This two models are the imo the more intersting: a Palit GTX 670 JetStream and a Gigabyte HD 7970 OC WindForce . The first one will cost 35€ less than the second one, but I think the second one have better benchmarks.

I want to play at 1080p as resolution (I'll order this monitor the next week) with every setting to max, possibly. One last thing: I will NOT use this card in a PCI-e 3.0 slot, because my motherboard have a slot like that, but my CPU is Sandy Bridge (2500k).

(... actually, in the shop there is a 670 Windforce too, but at the same price I would probably go with the AMD one, that I think is comparable to a not-overclocked, right?).

Any help would be really appreciated, thanks. :)

EDIT: No, I'm not gonna use a multi-gpu configuration, but I'll not overclock either (maybe I'll only push the clock as far as I can with the stock voltage, I really don't want to risk much because I don't see much eran in terms of FPS honestly..). Then I should take a 7970 anyway? I would really try an nvidia card (never had one) but from what I read the 7970 GHz Ed. is more similar to a 680 than a 670 (and the 680 costs a LOT more than a 7970).

EDIT2: And what about the not-PCIe 3.0 slot? Will I have bad performance using it?
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    I would suggest that you go with the HD7970. I have the GTX670 JetStream and it doesn't overclock well AND it is pretty loud. I hear good things about the Windforce cooler. Besides, the HD7970 is faster than GTX670. However, I hope you are not considering going Crossfire. If you are planning to go for multi GPU, I would suggest that you go for the GTX670 - GIVEN THE CURRENT STATE OF CROSSFIRE STUTTERING.
  2. Yeah, I used 7950 crossfire and it was pretty bad. Not Microstuttering but more of an issue of scaling. The only game in which I got more than 70% scaling was Battlefield 3, I got some scaling for BF3, but for most games it was around 50%, which was a disappointment. Since moving to dual 670's on 1440p, its been a much easier experience.
  3. Guys what about the PCI-e 2.0 slot? Will I have performance issues using it with a 7970 VGA?
  4. Don't worry about the PCI-E 2.0 speeds. You won't see any noticeable performance drop. You will have the same problem even if you go with the GTX670.I have my GTX670 running under PCI-E 2.0 as well.
  5. Ok, thank you guys, I'll buy a 7970 then.
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