Outlook 2003 Multiple 'contacts' - how to delete the ones that are empty

Hi to all
I have somehow ended up with multiple 'contacts' in my pst file? (I guess - not my area opf expertise but when I try and search my contacts the first 4 options are blank. The last one however, IS my contacts file) I am wanting to delete the 4 entries that are blank and have one valid contacts file so I can prepare to migrate to Office Outlook 2010.
Problem being (obviuously), I have NO idea how to do this much less where I should be looking
Help? Thank you in advance
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  1. What do you mean by contacts exactly? Contacts folder, or empty entries? You probably did something wrong when exporting them or maybe synching a PDA to the system. Palm software likes to duplicate things.

    Just go though the contacts and delete the empty ones.
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