SSD drive for toshiba A505 gone wrong

I took apart my laptop to fix an overheating issue. When I had it apart I noticed a extra connector on the bottom side of the motherboard next to the SATA. I looked in the toshiba maintenance manual and it referred to a SSD 1.8. I figured it was a mSATA so I bout one and took the thing apart again only to find that it wouldn't fit. It did fit in the wireless slot but not next to the SATA. A pic can be found here.

No, it's not the power connector. I think it's a SATA connector. But it doesn't have a lot of room. here is a better pic the connector is in the lower left of the screen.
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    Im not sure if i looking at the right connector in your picture, but that is where the battery connects... please tell me if im looking at the wrong connector ^.^
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