120mm fan advice - Cooler Master K350 case (previously: Normal gaming temps for i5-3470 & Radeon HD 7950 3 Gb?)

Hi I just got my first gaming PC for a long time; and I am totaly hardware noob.

When I game intense games like BF3, enb-pimped Skyrim and Bioshock infinite, my CPU temps are at 60-65 degrees celsius and the GPU has hit 70 degrees once and usually float around 67-68 degrees.

Is that a normal range? I am aware of tjmax, but really that doesn't say a lot (my laptop burned out even though it operated within tjmax range due to general wear and tear by the heat on the internal components), so are these temperatures acceptable or should I watch out?

I sometimes have long gaming sessions (5-6 hours straight), could that prove a problem down the road in terms of damage caused by constant heat ~70 degrees?
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  1. for the 7950, yes the temps are fine. If you are using a stock cooler, or a low end aftermarket, the cpu temps is fine
  2. Ok thanks. The PC came with a "Cooler Master X Dream i117" (who comes up with these names?), I guess that's a low-end aftermarket cooler?

    Will I also be fine under prolonged use, as long as the temps don't go higher?
  3. I've changed the topic.

    My GPU now hit 75 degrees in Sleeping Dogs, and I've decided that I want to chuck in some more cooling fans. I have two, one is very loud (stock Cooler Master 120mm front intake fan that came with the case), and the other is just tiny (see picture).

    I'm thinking about installing 3 Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850 RPM 120mm fans - front intake, side intake (right over the GPU) and rear exhaust - and leaving the bottom intake fanless (I'm worried I'll be sucking in too much dust). The top vents don't have holes for installing a fan, it's just a mesh to let hot air blow out.

    How much of an improvement can I roughly expect to see on CPU and GPU temps if I do this? My GPU fans rev up at around 70 degrees C and they make a lot of noise, would be nice to prevent that from happening.
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