processor upgrade from Pentium 4 socket 775 to CORE 2 DUO


I recently purchased a bargain Shuttle XPC SS59GV2

And I want to turn it into a Windows home Server / media center server using Windows Home server 2011.

Before proceeding I would like to make a few upgrades (Processor and graphics) and I will like to know what the best possible processor I can upgrade to.

Can I use a Core2 duo processor?

On Shuttle's website I came across this

but I'm hoping the list is outdated and I can possibly use a Core 2 duo.

Many thanks for your responses in advance.
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    According to what you have found, no Core2's are supported by that motherboard. Even though the socket 775 was shared with late P4, Pentium D's and CoreDuo does not mean that they will work.

    There were many motherboards that came out around that time and most didn't end up supporting the CoreDuo CPUs.
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