Asus P6T Deluxe V2 adding ram problem

Having problem adding ram to my Asus P6T Deluxe v2.
Originally had 3x2GB Corsair, but 2 of them was bad.
Bought Corsair CMX12GX3M3A1333C9 XMS3 (3x4GB).
Install 1x4GB, ok.
Install 2x4GB, boot up ok, but only 4GB in use. Running CPU-Z showing that it is 8GB installed.
Install 3x4GB, no boot at all, stop before possibility to enter setup.
All mem modules are tested "around" - means all have been in first slot, and tested for functioning, all ok.

Running win 8, 64 bit
Intel i7, 920, 2,67GHz

Any advice ?

rgds. Bjorn
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  1. If the mobo has 6 dim slot, changing dims to the different ones to solve your issue, worth giving a shot. Thanks
  2. What do you mean by ´first slot´?
  3. hi:
    first slot = C1 c1, c2 ....b1, b2....a1, a2
  4. The correct one is the orange color.
  5. Hi
    Am using the orange colour slots. But will try the other ones now, more or less "just for fun".
  6. Perhaps one or more of the 3 memory channels are faulty, as all the 3 ram sticks are functioning.
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