Windows 7 Pro with 2 NICs only uses 1 at a time

Hello. I've seen similar questions to this but have not run across a satisfactory answer. When I use my work laptop at home, I connect the (wired) Ethernet to a VPN box that establishes a connection through my home router to work. It gives the laptop an IP address in a different network than the router's internal So it's like another router as far as my laptop is concerned. Unfortunately this box does not give me access to all the things I need to hit on the corporate LAN (and there are various reasons why that won't be fixed).

There is also a software VPN client on the laptop that does allow me to reach those things on the corporate LAN I can't reach through the box. As you might imagine though, it too has limitations. And I can't use both at the same time; the client inserts itself as the default gateway with a metric of 1.

So I thought I'd be smart and force the client out the WiFi interface and keep the box connected to the Ethernet. Even after specifying the box as the gateway for certain networks, traffic to those networks will not use that interface. I have tried messing with the metrics but it STILL doesn't work. Any suggesions?
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  1. Maybe i got something wrong, but it should work with the right routing:
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