Create a simple GUI exe

Pls suggest me the " easiest " way to create an exe file

which upon executing display a panel* having atleast:
1. certain texts*;
2. buttons* (offcourse linked with some other file execution)

and if possible also includes
3. catching info* abt the drag n drop 'ed items
4. mouse scrolling action*
5. check boxes*

* : max. customizeable.

I know C/C++, but am not an expert in it.

The very obvious solution visual studio or any other programming related applications is my last preference because i dont have time to spend on learning the programming stuff.

Please suggest me if there is any user-friendly software to do so!
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    The easiest way to do it is to do it in Visual Basic because its interface allows you to drag and drop labels and buttons onto a windows form. In C++ it can be done with CreateWindow() and having "BUTTON" for button or "STATIC" for the labels.

    I think the function to open other files is called ShellExecute().

    You can look it up in the MSDN. I am not sure how you would do drag and drop in Visual Basic, but in C++ it would be the parameters in the int main(int argc, char **argv).

    Are you asking to capture mouse scroll movement or to reproduce mouse scroll movement?

    Visual Basic's interface has check boxes in its drag and drop interface. Can be done in C++ using CreateWindow() function and having "BUTTON" as the class and BS_CHECKBOX as one of the draw parameters.

    You can also do it in C++, but that requires more code.
  2. Try getting in to using VisualStudio. There are free versions of Studio and a lot of resources to get you started.
  3. i was hoping for a third party software with simple interface for it

    dont have time to dig in VB. Maybe later.

    BTW thanks to all.
  4. If you don't have time to learn the programming stuff then it isn't going to happen.
  5. Ijack said:
    If you don't have time to learn the programming stuff then it isn't going to happen.

    like i said 'maybe later'

    these days i m busy in other learning activities.
    i have studied basics of c++ in high school.

    Could you remind me code for defining a float variable to save upto only two decimal place
    by default its save upto six decimal. I m programming a 8bit micro controller and so its memory is limitd

    so could u suggest a way..?
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