ASUS M5A97 R2.0 -- AMD 970. NO boot,post,dvi

6 month old computer, recently having booting problems

first time it didnt boot, i replugged my keyboard/mouse, which fixed the problem temporarily. now it doesnt boot, no screen, video card fan isnt on and keyboard/mouse arent on either, but all my other fans and leds are powered.

ive tried replugging all my components and resetting bios battery but im pretty sure something is wrong with the mobo. I turned it on this morning after leaving it alone all night and it actually worked and booted to bios, but i restarted it and now it wont boot anymore. HELP PLEASE! thanks

AMD FX-6100 CPU (6x 3.30GHz/6MB L2 Cache)))
ASUS M5A97 R2.0 -- AMD 970))
8 GB [4 GB X2] DDR3-1600 Memory Module
AMD Radeon HD 7770 - 1GB
Power Supply (600 Watt - Standard))
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  1. I've had good experience with Asus for the most part. Do you have another AM3 CPU to test the board? You can find a Sempy140 for $20.

    It's odd for something to work for 6 months, and then go screwy, but, it happens. I always start with the PSU. Some versions of OCCT will chart power delivery over an hour of stress. Some charts get ugly with Ripple.

    Any funny smells?
  2. no im afraid i dont have spare parts to test it. i bought this comp off ibuypower(because im a noob) and its still under warranty, but i was trying to fix it myself so i didnt have to deal with RMA

    no funny smells. its weird because after a night of troubleshooting, i woke up in the morning and it was able to boot to bios. In bios, it looked like the boot priority was DVD drive first, THEN hard drive. After switching it, it was able to run again, but then i turned it off and now it boot on again
  3. After you reset the BIOS, you must redo your boot sequence. It's good that you put your HDD first.

    But, you must also reset your SATA devices after resetting your CMOS. It will default to IDE - you must select SATA, and most likely AHCI for the system to boot properly.
  4. oh ok, thanks. but i cant even boot the computer to the bios screen, everything is completely blank. it seems like its a mobo problem because certain things arent even powering up(video card, mouse/keyboard) I can turn it on with the power button, but it wont allow me to shutdown. i have to manually turn off the power supply
  5. Issue could be PSU and mobo - or even both. I'd RMA both and try again. If the PSU has a fault it will damage components, so best not plug an RMA'd board straight back into that PSU.

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