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First Pc build need help budget 600-800

So i am going to be building a new gamingpc. I have a budget of around 600-800 and need the pc itself os, monitor and keyboard and mouse. I know that im getting a sharkoon skiller which is $30 a mouse from amazon that has 4-5 stars with 512 reviews for 13$ thats on sale. And a aoc monitor 1920x1080 21.5 inch led for $110 and of course windows 7 on tigerdirect for 90$ so coukd u guys recommend me a budget build amd or intel and im not sure whats better amd phenom ii x4 or i3 cause ill be running skype while im gaming thanks and have a good one a. Im from the usa btw
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  1. Sapphire Hd 7870 XT
    Fx 6300
  2. You plan on doing anything but game/skype? Also, do you plan on overclocking?
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    So going with your 90$ OS, and 13$ mouse I picked these to fit your budget. I wanted a better processor for you, but could not fit it with a good GPU. I suppose this will suffice, and it is better than the Phenom.






    Your Sharkoon keyboard:

    Optical drive:


    Motherboard (again to cut down on price, you don't get the newest and best, but this should still be good):

    Monitor (the AOC you picked):

    Total price: 803.90$

    Maybe some of the more experienced guys could tell me if I picked stuff wrong, but I think this will fit your needs.
  4. thanks alot but i have a question wouldnt a 7770 be a good choice cause then i could get a 1tb hdd. Also i may wait it out cause my budget could get alot larger cause i just got offered a summer job btw im 14 so this is my first largish investment abd is the biggest amount of money ive had at one time so thanks guys and appreciate the feed back
  5. also found this ram its 20$ cheaper and still 8gb it has some good reviews so tell me is it worth it to change this and get 1tb hdd and keep the cpu?
  6. Sorry for the triple post but i somehow managed to make an intel build while only going a bit over budget. I used a nzxt case an intel i5 3570k an asrock hg1 mobo and 4 gb ram with a 7770 is that better that totaled to about $830 with windows and monitor of course i coukd use linux buti dont get it and need specific windows programs.
  7. 4GB is the lowest I would ever tell anyone to go on RAM these days, I would stick with 8 if you want it speedy. The i5 is great if you can afford that.

    Are you going to be overclocking? The i5 3570k is meant for overclocking, if you won't then get a cheaper one.
  8. Im not really sure what and how you do it but i can sure try later on and yeah i found some cheap ram on sale in amazon. Also i was wonderin if this will run minecraft at high with a 64x texture pack with fraps or another recorder at a solid 40-80 fps. Thanks
  9. Minecraft is not very demanding. The i5 would have no problem running fraps and minecraft at the same time for sure. So yes, I think this would do you just fine.
  10. Ok thanks alot and one last question wouldnt it be a good idea to get a slightly cheap gpu but same gtx 650 from another brand a but cheaper like 10$ and get a slightly better hdd maybe like 1.5 tb
  11. You would be fine with a 1TB hdd. The only other thing I could suggest is getting a ssd to put your OS on, and storing your information and stuff on the 1TB drive.

    Solid State Drives are pretty expensive though.
  12. Yea i had checked those out already and if i get my summer job i may wait until july or august and make my budget around 1200-1500 and get an ssd but i want it now so maybe ill just get it now and get an ssd later on even though a 7200 rpm is faster than what ive used the pc i have now takes abut 2 minutes to load magic launcher and minecraft so this is an amazing improvement and one last question sorry for this but coukd it be possible to get a modular psu for not much more and switch out the gtx to a lesser model or save. Alittle some where else cause thisis my first build and frm ehat ive seen modular looks easier for cable management anyway thanks and sorry for spelling im on the ipad. Thanks
  13. The one I picked is a modular PSU :)
  14. Oh......... Well thank you......alot. :3
  15. Oh......... Well thank you......alot. :3
  16. Np man
  17. Have a good one mate.
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