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Hi Everyone,

I am looking to upgrade my case, I have this cheap antec case that I am getting tired of. Also I have been going over to my friend's house almost every weekend having to carry my computer which is heavy and hard to carry. I want a case with a handle/handles for easy of transport. I've been looking at the NZXT Vulcan and the CoolerMaster CM Storm Scout.

I'm looking for a case with these features.

- Price around $70
- Handles
- Good airflow and space for fans.
- Good cable management. (my current case has TERRIBLE cable management)
- Not too heavy (not much of a concern)
- Looks Cool :D

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  2. edogawa said:

    I like the Vulcan, not the Line-M, (no handles) of course i could mod handles on to a case like that. Thanks though.
  3. I'm going to go with the NZXT Vulcan.
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