Radeon HD 4850 512 MB: how well can I run black ops 2?

I want to run BO2 on at least 1280x960 without any extra AA, high textures, etc. Can I do this and get it to run at at least 60 fps? I have a 2.33 Ghz Q8200 and 8 GB RAM.
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  1. unless something has changed big time my understanding they are basicall using the same engine since at least the 2nd MW if not the first one just with small tweeks here and there.
  2. Man ;) it can do it well :) like 1600x1050 :) even more uf u think 20-25 fps is playble maybe even 1770x1000 :) my radeon 4200 (ocerclocked by 105%) gets like 20-30 fps at 720p so no probs running ultra for the all mighty 4850 :) it's a great chip im hunting for one, that comes up cheap myself it can run witcher 2 on ultra(without ubesampling)
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