NVIDIA GeForce GT750M GDDR5 2GB for light gaming?

I am thinking of getting the Lenovo Y500 with the NVIDIA GeForce GT750M GDDR5 2GB. From what I've read here and there, it was just introduced recently. Anyways, will that graphic card be good enough to play Starcraft 2 with 60+fps on high? If not, at least 40+ on Ultra? I don't play too many games and that's the only one I am concerned about.

Also, should I get the Y500 Removable Fan S2602 accessory?
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  1. Should be able to play starcraft 2, but there aren't many benchmarks of the gpu yet, it's only been out for about a week or two. It's about 5x faster than intel hd 4000 which can play star craft 2 on high at 20fps.
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    A review, albeit with an older video card.

    While they do not state what kind of framerates to expect with SC2, there are a variety of other games to give you a general idea. That fan thing is kind of interesting. Curious if it is just a gimmick or it it actually serves a decent purpose. Also, it states that the touchpad is utter crap. Something to keep in mind.
  3. Yeah I couldn't find any benchmarks for SC2 and tried to get a rough idea with the other games, but I have never played 98% of them. I appreciate the answers though. My current Dell XPS 15 with i7 and 540M runs 60+ fps on medium. So I figured the 750M wouldn't be a problem.
  4. wiggbot said:
    Also, it states that the touchpad is utter crap. Something to keep in mind.

    Also, I use peripherals when I am at home, so that's not really a problem.
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