Corsair Vengeance M60 vs Razer Deathadder?


I am trying to decide which would be a better gaming mouse. They are both around the same price, so that's not an issue. I just want to know which one, in general, performs better.

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  1. Hi,

    Razer will never disappoint you. Lot of companies do create profi-gaming hardware from time to time, but Razer is constant. I have Razer Salmosa for 4 and half years now and that's best piece of hardware I ever had. Tried Mamba, Deathadder and Naga. My friends do have them and all of them were using other (read Logitech) gaming mouses, and were reborn when Razer came into their hands. I must say that no one has ever made better piece of gaming hardware than Razer.
    Others will maybe disagree with me, but I stand with Razer :)

    Best regards :)
  2. For me I can never use a Deathadder. Why? Because I am a claw grip gamer and that mouse is more for palm grip users unless you have ridiculously large hands. I would get the M60 since it appears to have more customization. There is a new replacement for that mouse the M65.
  3. in order of preference?

    logitech, razer, corsair.

    logitech in general normally does not have as many issues as razer (read: razer software issues, double clicking issues and scroll wheel button breakage issues). i currently use a razer deathadder and with the prior said, it has lasted me several years without any faults. i think this is the one product they got right.
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