EVGA geforce gtx 660 superclocked vs Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 11200-16-20G

My system
Cpu: fx 8320 8 core
Ram: 8 gig ddr3 1600Mhz
Mobo: Asrock 990fx Extreme 4

Which one performs better overall, ive been doing alot of research on these cards but i cant make up my mind due to the fact the the HD 7850 is 256-bit and the GTX 660 is 192-bit but the 660 is clocked at 1046MHz and the 7850 is clocked at 860 MHz. Would the bits make any difference ex. more bits better, less bits worse.

Mostly i want this card to run well with the upcoming Battlefield 4 which more then likely might be a more graphic card intensive then the current Battlefield 3. Anyways i want better fps for all games in general, which card is better.
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  1. by the way my budget would only allow me to choose between these 2, so please just compare these two and not other higher end cards out of my budget.
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  3. I would go with the 660 as well since it a little faster than the 7850, beyond that just chose a 660 that fits your budget.
  4. imomun said:

    Wow the gtx 660 superclocked absolutely beats the hd 7850. thanks for the links, i read them both and they both go into detail on why the gtx 660 is a better choice.
  5. I have the EVGA GTX660SC coupled with a FX8320 OC'd to 4.2Ghz and it is a great card.
  6. guskline said:
    I have the EVGA GTX660SC coupled with a FX8320 OC'd to 4.2Ghz and it is a great card.

    i have the same processor, hopefully ill buy the GTX660SC tomorrow. and ill probably test this bad boy by next week when and if it arrives from amazon.
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