Fans for a Hyper 212 Plus. Advice needed!

Hello, me again!

Recently, I was told that a Hyper 212 would be an excellent step forward in terms of cooling my CPU. I looked around, but the cheapest I could find was £26, but I managed to pick up a killer deal on eBay. A used Hyper 212+ for £6, but with a broken fan (as advertised).

So, what I need is a fan. Ideally, I'd love a red LED fan, as I have a black and red themed system. I'll be using two in push pull, and the price for two of these fans should ideally be sub £20.

I was wondering about two sickleflow 120's with reduction cables (12v to 7.5v) to bring down the painful noise they apparently emit.

Many thanks in advance!
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  1. i dont see an issue with that as long as it came with the fan mounts to the heatsink. Guessing that the broke fan was mounted and came with the first set but i think new it comes with extra for two fans, but almost any 120mm fan will fit as long as its a standard fan and has the same mounting holes as most 120mms but the sickleflows should be great
  2. A word of warning against those fans:

    I bought 5 of them to serve as case fans. I've used them for 3 months. Two of them are already exhibiting signs of trouble. Both are making bad noises. Maybe I just lucked out, but just a heads up.
  3. Thanks for the tips. I was also considering a pair of Prolimatech Red Wings fans, 81 CFM at 18.1 dbA maximum, designed for the Prolimatech Meghalems heatsink. Any good?
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