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Nvidia Installer Failed


I recently purchased a new graphics card (GTX 660Ti)and a new hard drive. I am having a common problem with NVIDIA drivers which consists of the problem in which when you run the driver installer you receive a message the message "NVIDIA Installer Failed".

I have a totally empty hard drive with just Windows 7 Installed, so it makes a lot of "fixes" irrelevant because they include clearing driver folders.

Got any suggestions?
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    1) Open a command prompt with administrative priviledges and run "sfc /scannow"
    2) Re-download the driver from the official Nvidia site or install it from a disk if you have it and upgrade to the newest version.
    3) Run Windows updates if you haven't already.
    4) Contact Nvidia.
  2. did you have AV program installed? if yes temporarily disable it before installing the driver. last time i have a such a problem my AV screwed it up for me
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