Please tell me what this means

Can someone please tell me what this means?

"Initiate Graphic Adapter"

"Render Standby"

And, under "initiate graphic adapter" - iGPU, PCI/iGPU, PCI/PEG, PEG/iGPU, PEG/PCI?

These come from my BIOS on a P8H67-M Pro/CSM system.

I'm not getting any display when I turn on my computer, but it comes back if I turn off my power supply and turn on the system. I have no idea why. (620 w eco 80 plus Antec PSU) (Windows 7 Ultimate)

I'm searching the Asus and ATI website, no luck.
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  1. how is the monitor connected to the computer. cable to back of motherboard or cable to discreet video card?

    whatever, you need to enter the BIOS and make it point there.
  2. Monitor is connected to one of the video cards outputs. The video card supports 3 simultaneous displays. I use the DL DVI port.
    Not the motherboard.

    I know about the BIOS but I don't know which settings to change in the BIOS. The user guide, manual, websites, forums, don't explain any of it. The ASUS docs don't help.
  3. rgd1101 said:

    The ASUS manual doesn't explain the settings. I checked before my post.
  4. peg/pci ... think it should be PEG. don't forget to save after setting ( F10 then ENTER ) machine will reboot.
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