i5 3470+Gigabyte H77 WIFI/M-D3H? From i3 2100. Web/Software Development (mainly)

I might need some replacements as it appears something in my PC is spoilt (NMI IOCK & Partity Errors). Perhaps Motherboard or CPU, I was thinking probably not RAM? But anyways, if I get a new CPU, what should I get? Am looking at i5-3470, is it a good idea?


Its mostly used for school work, web/software development, some games mainly DOTA2, TF2 nowadays maybe Darksiders 2 also.
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  1. The 3470 is a great processor, it should be plenty powerful enough for what you are throwing at it. I am currently using a Gigabyte motherboard and it has been rock solid. The H77 series includes the ability to use the Intel Graphics accelerator on the CPU, but I would recommend a secondary graphics card if you plan on playing any games over 1280x768.
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