Need suggestions for connecting to the internet!

So I have gone through many wireless network adapters and I am debating on whether or not I should go out and buy the new Asus RT-AC66U router, and the new Asus PCE-AC66 wireless network adapter. Then I was gonna ask for a new Router/Modem from my ISP and use it as the dumb modem and following this guide to chain the two networks together in a cascading fashion (PPPoE configuration from the Router)... but that is quite expensive and I would like to try and save some money instead of spending that amount. (Reason for trying to do all this is I'm having some problems with my modem/router right now dropping wireless connections for a few seconds at random moments.)

I have been thinking about drilling a hole through the wall and plugging an ethernet cable into the router. I was just looking at cables not sure which type would be the best I was looking at some CAT6 cables at Futureshop today about 30' long I think for about $40 or something but I'd rather save that as a last resort.

I was talking to my ISP a few days ago and I'm not exactly sure what they were talking about but they said since I have one of the plugins in the room where I have my computer they said I could go out and buy about a $60 router and they said to make sure you'll be able to return it just in case it doesn't work, and they explained to me that what they would do is set it up so that I would have 2 IP addresses and one will be for all my other network devices and what not and another will be just for my computer, it sounds interesting but I'm not sure about it and would any of you suggest trying this?

So those are the only things I can really think about.

Also here is the problem I've being getting with my current router (I've tried at least 3 different wireless network adapters) What I have done here is just pinged google and started playing online games and whenever my ping would jump/lose connection I checked that ping to google and here is what it said!(Also tried it pinging when using wired connection, still lost connection but hardly ever.

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  1. So, now you need to start narrowing down the problem. If you ping your router do you get similar time-outs and latency bounciness?

    Just as a side note, if you re playing games and not just general browsing, then wired is always far better.
  2. 802.11AC may actually make your problem worse....assuming you are actually going to use the AC features.

    So ignoring the fact that this is not a finalized standard. Your first issue is this only runs on the 5g band which is more easily absorbed by walls than 2.4. Next to get the speed they rate these at you have to run 4 channels BUT the big lie nobody discusses with the 5g band is a huge number of channels in most countries are subject to preemption by radar. So if the router detects radar it must disable the channel. Pretty much this leaves only 2 blocks of 4 channels only 1 of which you can transmit at full power. So guess what everyone with a AC router will use the same one and you will get even more interference. Of course there are more groups of say 2 channels but then you might as well run 802.11n since it gets similar speeds and coverage.

    Sounds like you already have a wireless issue due to interference. Not a lot you can really do if it is neighbors. Most people are running 2 channels groups on 2.4 and there are only 3 so no way to change channels to avoid the issue anymore.

    Run a cable to play games even if it is a pain,will save the frustration of intermittent game outages.
  3. Instead of running an ethernet cable, try using powerline networking. It's a lot less likely to have interference and has better range than wifi. Do not get ethernet cables at a store, get it online, it's about 5 times cheaper.
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