Best CPU heat sink under $100 that fits my case and RAM

Hello, so I've been reading a lot of information about heat sinks. I am currently using the stock heat sink but my idle temps have been running a bit hot and I need to upgrade. I am looking for something under $100. I was looking at the Noctua NH-U12 and the NH-D14.

There are two concerns I have about these heat sinks. The first is that in many reviews, they say the height of the heat sink make it so I will not be able to use all of my RAM slots. I currently am using all 4 RAM slots and do not want to have to replace them.

The second concern is that the majority of the reviews and the tips I have read are from a few years ago. I just want to make sure that there hasn't been new heat sinks that might perform better of which I am unaware.

The specs of my build are as listed below.

Case: Cooler Master HAF 932
Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series
CPU: i7-2600k
Mother Board: ASUS P8Z68-V PRO

Please let me know if there is any additional information I need to provide. Thanks so much for your help.
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  1. There are closed-looped pre conditioned water cooling units out there that have the exhaust fan attached to where the back fan of the case would be. This would eliminate any possible misfits. I would recommend a Corsair H60 for $90.

    But the Hyper 212 any any of its variants are good as well. They can be had for under $40. They perform exceptionally well for their price.

    But what temps are you getting? CPUs should not be getting hot without any overclocking/volting.
  2. The best pre made loop for you system is corsair h100i but it is $109
    Another great choise is the corsair h90 for $99
    And the H80i is even cheaper at $85
    All of these SHOULD fit your system.
  3. These are the temps in regards to water cooling solutions:

    Basically, the more you pay, the better the performance. The good thing about water cooling is that they WILL fit. No uncertainties, just good cooling.
  4. Yes the HALF case fits many types of coolers. Some other cases do not work with the H100 and higher because they are too big. The more you pay the cooler you can get.
  5. NH-D14

    Type Manufacturer Model Compatibility
    DDR3 G.Skill Ares Series Yes
    DDR3 G.Skill ECO Series Yes
    DDR3 G.Skill Flare Series No
    DDR3 G.Skill PI Black Series No
    DDR3 G.Skill Ripjaws Yes
    DDR3 G.Skill Ripjaws X series Yes
    DDR3 G.Skill Ripjaws Z series Yes
    DDR3 G.Skill Sniper Series Yes
    DDR3 G.Skill Sniper series Yes
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