Should I get ASUS 650Ti? Photo editing, Games

Any opinions? I am thinking of getting a NVIDIA 650Ti GPU (since ASUS seems to be in general good, I am looking at ASUS 650Ti 1GB). Boost seems abit overkill? Also it seems like to be as simply an overclocked version thats likely going to use more power and give more heat (of course more performance too, but I am thinking it might not be really required in this case). On the other hand Ti seems like a good idea over non-Ti?

I guess the usage with respect with the GPU is mainly Photo editing and Gaming.

- Lightroom/Darktable/Photoshop
- TF2, Bioshock Infinite ...


I cant remember exactly the specs of the existing system (in sch now so dont have access to the PC), but I think its something like

AMD Athalon 2 250? Not too sure abt chipset
8 GB DDR(not sure 2 or 3 actually)
ATI 57xx series
PSU is likely a Cooler Master 460W or something along those lines
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  1. @tourist, updated my post
  2. Updated my post again ... its actually a Athalon 250 probably thats why its so slow
  3. jiewmeng said:

    Good news ! That am3 evo is a pretty good board

    Bad news depending on how you look at it AM3 cpu support only

    Pll 965
  4. Thanks for your recommendations :) I think my brother might be hoping to get Intel instead ... I believe its alot better performance too
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